Consumers are a promiscuous bunch. I mean one day they could be buying fuel from BP and the next they could be topping up at Shell. How dare they! They’re sleeping with the enemy, the competitor, Judas! Maybe they just don’t feel the same way anymore or maybe you were just convenient for them at the time. Cold blooded heart breakers. But think about situations where this wouldn’t happen. Have you even been caught in a Coke vs. Pepsi war? Have you ever bought old mate at the pub a schooey of Tooheys instead of a pint of VB? These kinds of people will fight you till they turn blue and would probably even take a bullet for their products and brands of choice, all in the name of love. Now these are the kinds of romantic consumers you want to canoodling with.

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1. Be honestThey’ll like you for you. The best relationships are always based on honesty.

2. Have a game planLove is a battlefield so before you head out there thoroughly understand strengths and weaknesses and who you want to attract. Also make sure you’ve looked into your competitors completely. The last thing you want is for them to swoop in on your future sweetheart.

3. Make the first moveIt takes guts and plenty of bravado to make the first move but just remember if you don’t someone else will.

4. Show them some loveWhen they talk, listen to them. If they aren’t talking, start the conversation. Give them the attention they deserve and keep the flame of the relationship burning. Persistence and consistence is key in preventing any future speed bumps along the way. If the lines of communication are always flowing you can find out their likes, dislikes and everything in between.

5. Spice things upYou can hope that simply the act of habit will keep them coming back for more but don’t be a cautionary tale of the one that got away. Spice things up with activations, events and even introducing something new and a little bit exciting to blow their minds.