Once a dirty word amongst society that saw centuries of time and money thrown into researching cures and preventions NOWADAYS everybody wants to go viral! For good reason people want to become a sweeping sensation like the bubonic plague across the Internet (minus the loss of life and medical devastation of course).

But what is the secret behind becoming the next grumpy cat or the new kid getting hit in the head by a football? And how do you use that platform for good not evil in booming your business and brand?

What has been perceived as a bit of a dark art that requires either lovely lady lumps or a hell of a lot of luck might actually have a bit more of a process to it than you think. It comes down to human behavior and how their emotions sometimes get the better of them. In this 24-hour news cycle world that we live in we are inundated with extremely depressing stories. The things happening in this world are terrible and due to technology we are more aware of them than ever. Pilots plummeting planes into the French Alps, beheadings and terrorist activity to name a few. These are disastrous and disturbing things current affairs. THESE however aren’t at the top of the list of viral internet content. They may be plastered everywhere on various news sites but they aren’t being shared and posted by consumers around the globe because they are sad and upsetting. There’s enough morbid in this world people want to share fun, happiness, intrigue!

Negativity is out and positivity now reigns supreme in the world wide web. For instance the recent online bullying of a man who was dancing unapologetically was quickly replaced by an outpour of love and support by celebrities and people with half a brain disarming the cyber bullies. The positive re-affirmation of this young man expressing himself was the real viral sensation here.

Looking into online behaviour and the content we share shows that we are far more inclined to share positive news stories than negative ones. Trust us these are actual studies that have been done by fancy people at expensive universities here people!

Furthermore, for those that want to put actualy systems in place aswell as appealing to the emotional side of consumers, Marvin Russell (a self-proclaimed SEO Nerd) has comprised a list of steps to help maximize the virility of the stuff you put out there on the interwebs and we’ve broken down and explained them looking at 7 of them that we find vital to go viral:

1. Be transparent and get way more shares
Don’t try and dance around the audience be upfront with them. Honesty is the best policy. List where you got the content from or the author for that matter.

2. Get top influencers to share your content
You don’t even need to be connected with them or have an friend of a friend who knows the brother of their babysitter. Just take an interest in influencers and what they do. Give them shoutout and create specific content about them that relates to your field!

3. Repost your content to get way more shares
It may seem repetitive to you, but hey that’s the point! You may have seen your content a hundred times but if its good why not post it again. There’s no way you reached everyone you wanted to on the first round!

4. Make your articles visual
Nothings more boring than reading, reading, reading… unless your into that kind of thing. BUT for the common folk out there they want a splash of colour and something stimulating to look at. Use infographics when you can aswell as images, liberally. Consider them a trigger when people can’t quite remember your words.

5. Quizzes feed egos, and humans love to feel important
Quizzes are great! They make people feel like they are on a little mini game show and have a little influential power of the result and that’s a great feeling! Studies have shown that the Top 8 articles shared recently have been quizzes!

6. Cute and happy articles get more shares
Don’t be Captain Killjoy let you consumers and followers have a laugh and smile from time to time. It doesn’t always have to be business and sales.

7. Always add at least 1 image to every article you post
Images provide a reference point for people to remember when they are thinking back on what the received from you. Consider it a trigger and use them liberally to stand out from the pack.

8. Post your content on the right days of the week
Timing is everything. Either do a little trial and error yourself and monitor your feedback from consumers and followers or use internet research. For instance Mondays are a great day to post on Pinterest and LinkedIn but Tuesdays are when you want to be filling up Facebook, Google and Twitter!