• HEINEKEN is one of, if not the most innovative beer brand in the world. We didn' want tot just tell the people of PNG that HEINEKEN had arrived, we wanted to shout it from the rooftops! However, all the wow in the world, would mean nothing if locals didn't try the product. As goes the old saying, first impressions last and we wanted to come out with a bang bigger than a Chinese New Year fireworks display!
    Being a beer of the world, we recognised the opportunity to bring Heineken and PNG together, and make it clear that a Heineken drinker is a man of the world. When you think of major cities, New York, Paris, London and Melbourne spring to mind, but rarely is Port Moresby said in the same breath. We decided that the challenge was to show how Heineken could light up Port Moresby in PNG for the whole world to see!

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